Informatics and CS

Business Informatics, Health Informatics & Computer Science

Technical Rigor

The degrees offered by our department – business informatics and computer science – are technically rigorous.

Our informatics degrees require four or more programming courses, far more than your typical information systems programs. The fact that our informatics programs share five courses with our CS degree attests to the level of rigor.

Further, we remain in contact with many of our graduates even after they enter the workforce. Whether they are working for Farm Bureau Insurance, Idaho Central Credit Union, or ON Semiconductor in Pocatello, St. Luke's Hospital or Micron in Boise, Microsoft in Seattle, or GM in Chandler, Arizona, our graduates know we are always eager to receive their feedback on ways to improve our program.

The recent curriculum revisions that increased the technical rigor of our Business Informatics program resulted from heeding the advice of employers and graduates.

Our degrees prepare our graduates to handle a broad range of informatics or CS related employment opportunities. Our programs focus on developing the competencies and skills needed to work with leading edge technologies as well as to implement process change, system design, and management within a broad spectrum of industries, all the while learning and adapting to keep pace with ever-changing technology

Prospective students and recruiters have inquired about the degree of technical rigor of the Business Informatics degree in comparison to a Computer Science degree. The diagram below shows a rough estimate of the technical content of ISU's Business Informatics degree compared to the Computer Science degree.

Techical centent of degrees.