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INFO 4493: Advanced Business Informatics Internship

Some internships go beyond what is learned in the classroom. Such internships may involve extensive software development that enhances a student's requirements gathering skills as well as provides an opportunity to apply skills learned in Systems Analysis and Design or Database Design and Implementation, or to learn and apply alternative approaches. Or, such internships may expose students to skills for which the program lacks the resources to bring into the classroom on a large scale, such as implementing virtual servers or installing systems on a computing platform "in the cloud". Such internships may be eligible for INFO 4493 credit.

Students are responsible for finding their own internship. It is not the department’s responsibility to place students in internships. To arrange an internship, make use of resources such as the following:

In order to be considered for INFO 4493 credit, the intern's supervisor must complete and submit this form.

Students will be required to submit a weekly report to the INFO 4493 coordinator and their immediate supervisor, indicating what tasks were performed the previous week and what skills were learned. An internship requires at least 180 total hours worked (60 hours per credit).

The student should maintain a daily log to assist with this task. The student may be asked to submit this log upon completing the internship.

At the end of the semester, the supervisor must submit a report of the student’s performance, a suggested grade, and a brief evaluation of the student’s development and contribution to the project. Without this, a grade cannot be submitted for the course by the INFO 4493 coordinator.

Note for international students:

According to ISU's International Programs Office, if an internship is required by a degree then international students are allowed to serve an internship off campus. Since our Informatics degrees require an internship, you are not restricted to on-campus internships. Visit the IPO for a CPT form required for international students who plan to do an approved internship.