Informatics and CS

Business Informatics, Health Informatics & Computer Science

Applied Education in Health Informatics

Our HI students are required to enroll in a Health Informatics Practicum, which requires eight hours of field experience per week in a health informatics setting that is consistent with the student’s career goals. The practicum will be under the direction of the Department of Family Medicine, with a term project.

The purpose of the health informatics practicum is to expand classroom learning to include "hands-on" experience in health informatics in the context of a particular industry sector.

The practicum is intended to provide students with the opportunity to synthesize all previous coursework, to develop competence in professional practice, to apply knowledge to the solution of health informatics problems, and to develop a respect for and a commitment to continued professional knowledge.

The objective of the health informatics practicum is to enable students to build on the theoretical preparation they gain in the classroom to:

  • Develop collaborative skills, leadership skills, management skills and systematic analysis skills through direct participation in activities in a health-related organization.
  • Obtain practical knowledge about various aspects of developing products, analyzing opportunities, and managing various aspects of work in health related enterprises.
  • Utilize research, communication, presentation, and writing skills to complete a project deliverable as requested by the host organization.

Note for international students:

According to ISU's International Programs Office, if an internship is required by a degree then international students are allowed to serve an internship off campus. Since our Informatics degrees require an internship, you are not restricted to on-campus internships. Visit the IPO for a CPT form required for international students who plan to do an approved internship.