Informatics and CS

Business Informatics, Health Informatics & Computer Science

Applied Education in Business Informatics

Several local employers hire our Informatics students as interns in a variety of Informatics-related positions, including web development, systems analysis, software development, networks, and more.

Students who are able to secure an IT-related internship not only supplement the education that they receive in the classroom, but also increase their marketability upon graduation.

Internships in the business community are approved and monitored by the College's Professional Development Director and the ICS department chair.

Informatics Internships: INFO 3393 and 4493

Some internships will provide students with an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom in a real world setting and may be eligible for INFO 3393 credit. INFO 3393 may not be used to fulfill major requirements.

Other internships go beyond what is learned in the classroom and may be eligible for INFO 4493, or advanced internship, credit. INFO 4493 is required by the Business Informatics major. Click to find out more about INFO 4493.

Note for international students:

According to ISU's International Programs Office, if an internship is required by a degree then international students are allowed to serve an internship off campus. Since our Informatics degrees require an internship, you are not restricted to on-campus internships. Visit the IPO for a CPT form required for international students who plan to do an approved internship.