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Applied Informatics Team

The Informatics and Computer Science department regularly receives requests for assistance with informatics projects. The Dean of the College of Business recently approved a department proposal to form the Applied Informatics team.

The program will connect experienced faculty, talented students, and university resources with our business and university partners to solve real world problems and provide students with opportunities to learn and grow through applied informatics projects.

The pilot test of the program was rolled out in Summer 2015, with a team consisting of an MBA student who is a former CIS Outstanding Student, and two Business Informatics undergrads. Since then the team has been expanded to include an additional MBA student with a BBA in CIS, as well as two Computer Science students. Half of the team members are international students. Early projects have focused on providing web development services and software development support for departments and centers within ISU and the College of Business, as well as for community partners in need of IT assistance.

The program is designed to provide additional applied informatics opportunities for our students. The program aspires to develop solutions that help to stimulate economic growth and development opportunities.

Contact the Applied Informatics Program Mentor, Jon Holmes at for more information.