Business Informatics Course List 2016

The Informatics major prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including systems analysis, application software development, web development, and database design. With a breadth of course offerings that include an emphasis on problem solving, communication, programming, process modeling, project management, and business, INFO majors are valuable to employers both for their technical skills as well as their ability to solve organizational problems. All modern organizations rely on information technology to function, and INFO majors are uniquely positioned to apply that technology to effectively support an organization’s operations.

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Required Courses
Course# Name Prereq
INFO 1150 Software & Systems Architecture Coreq INFO 1181 or CS 1181
Principles and application of computer hardware and systems software in the context of designing business IT infrastructures through combination of theory-based lectures and applied laboratory experiences.
INFO 1181 Informatics and Programming I MATH 1143 or MATH 1147 (Coreq okay)
Problem solving methods and algorithm development with an emphasis on programming style with Java or C#. Includes Secure Software Concepts, such as what constitutes secure software and what design aspects to take into consideration to construct resilient software.
INFO 1182 Informatics and Programming II INFO 1181 or CS 1181
Object-oriented programming in the context of design, using OO principles and UML diagrams. Includes Secure Software Concepts, such as what constitutes secure software and what design aspects to take into consideration to construct resilient software.
INFO 2220 Web Development:Client-Side Programming INFO 1181 or CS 1181. INFO 1110 is recommended.
Introduces interactive web development using a client-side language like JavaScript. Basic programming concepts common to almost all programming languages form the basis of the course. Exercises are designed to enhance students' problem-solving techniques and analytical thinking skills.
INFO 3307 Systems Analysis and Design INFO 1182 or CS 1182 (Coreq okay) or POI
Develops systems analysis skills, using proven techniques, prototyping, and structured analysis and design phases of the systems development life cycle. The course emphasizes Secure Software Design, which includes secure design elements, software architecture, secure design review, and threat modeling. Requirements: gathering is emphasized, including secure software requirements gathering to capture all of the security requirements from various stakeholders and understand the sources and processes needed to ensure a more effective design.
INFO 3380 Networking and Virtualization INFO 2285 or CS 2275
Study of the implementation and development of network information systems. Protocols and techniques will be compared, and virtualization and cloud computing will be emphasized.
INFO 4407 Database Design & Implementation INFO 3307
Covers multi-user relational database management systems, stored procedures, SQL, transaction processing, etc. The course emphasizes Secure Software Design, which includes secure design elements, software architecture, secure design review, and threat modeling.
INFO 4430 Web Application Development INFO 2220. PRE-or-COREQ: INFO 4407.
Focuses on the development of dynamic, online applications using a programming language like PHP or ASP.Net and a relational database. The course will consider Secure Software Implementation/Coding, which involv es secure coding practices, avoiding vulnerabilities, and reviewing code to ensure that there are no errors in the code or security controls. Generally offered Fall only.
INFO 4482 Systems Development &
Implementation Methodologies
INFO 4407. PRE-or-COREQ: INFO 4430.
This course presents the process of software development and the methodologies to lower development costs, increase software reliability, decrease development time and ensure application development success. An overview and comparison of traditional and modern methods of software development are presented. Generally offered Spring only.
INFO 4493 Advanced Business Informatics Internship  
Significant business experience coordinated by the faculty to provide broad exposure to informatics issues.
Total Hours: 30

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Elective/Specialization Courses
Course# Name Prereq
INFO 3330 Health Informatics  
Introduction to and overview of the evolution of information systems to support health services in thehealthcare industry, its current state and future directions and challenges. Students will learn the regulatory requirements and standards that drive the data content and structure, collection, storage, retrieval, dissemination, and transmission, as well as legal issues related to collection, use, and the security of health information. The course will survey cross-functionalfactors and ethical concerns in the design and implementation of information technologies (clinical, administrative, and learning), knowledge management principles, professional practice trends, and explore some of the emerging information technology in health care. Equivalent to HCA 3330.
INFO 4411 Intermediate Information Assurance INFO 1150 or CS 2275 or INFO 3310, or POI
Focuses on homeland security, information assurance, integrity, control, and privacy. Covers CNSS-4011, NIST-800-16 standards, national policy, and international treaties. The course considers Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance and Disposal, including security issues around steady state operations and management of software, as well as security measures that must be taken when a product reaches its end of life.
INFO 4422 Health Information Governance INFO 3330
The aim of this course is to provide a broad base of understanding of the range of issues that IT professionals must be aware of upon entering the healthcare industry. Students will be exposed to the current state of health industry security environment and the larger regulatory environment in which healthcare organizations operate. This is important in light of the recent move towards cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs) and third party-developed health applications. Further, issues relating to privacy/security, information governance and information risk assessment will also be covered. Finally, students will be exposed to interventions that can help mitigate the risks identified.
INFO 4424 Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign INFO 3330
The aim of this course is to provide a broad-based understanding of workflow processes in the healthcare industry. In particular, the course will develop skills necessary to critically analyze and redesign the patient flow processes and utilize health IT systems both in the administrative and clinical landscape to achieve greater operational efficiency and provide higher quality of care to patients. Quality improvement methods and tools as well as process change implementation, improvement, and management will also be discussed in this course.
INFO 4426 Health Data Analytics INFO 3330 and MGT 2217
Introduction to and the use of intermediate analytical skills to identify trends, correlations to predict outcomes and provide meaningful recommendations. Varietyof data sources and structures are identified and transformed into relevant information in the clinical context to recommend new treatments and technologies, improve effectiveness and efficiency, design and plan policy and programs, improve service delivery and operations, enhance sustainability, mitigate risk, and provide a means for measuring and evaluating critical organizational data that helps the healthcare organization to achieve increased quality of care and patient satisfaction.
INFO 4432 Mobile Application Development INFO 1181 or CS 1181
This course will introduce mobile app programming and provide theoretical and practical knowledge to design and build mobile applications. Students will learn various techniques in mobile app development using a programming language like Java.
INFO 4484 Secure Software Life Cycle Development INFO 4482
In today's interconnected world, security must be included within each phase of the software lifecycle. This course contains the largest, most comprehensive, collection of best practices, policies, and procedures, to ensure a security initiative across all phases of application development, regardless of methodology.
INFO 4486 Data Analytics MGT 2217
Provides an overview of the fundamentals of analysis to support decision makers in achieving organizational results. Students become familiar with the tools needed to frame problems, analytical techniques to generate and test hypotheses, and the skills to interpret the results into meaningful information.
INFO 4487 Software Systems Study INFO 3307
In addition to system optimization techniques, management strategies will be discussed.
MGT 4482 Project Management MGT 3329 or POI
Philosophy and tools of project management focusing on applied methodologies. Addresses project scope, breakdown structure, schedules, and closure following professionally accepted industry standards.

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Most courses are offered both Fall and Spring with the following exceptions:

Courses offered Fall only:

  • INFO 4430: Web Application Development

Courses offered Spring only:

  • INFO 4482: Systems Development and Implementation Methodologies

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