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Business Informatics Advising Central

Business Informatics students are required to meet with departmental and faculty advisors as part of the BA 1110-4410 class series. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure you are meeting graduation requirements and can graduate in a timely manner.

We suggest meeting with an advisor once per semester in order to be sure you are on track and registering for the correct coursework. Do NOT wait until registration opens before you contact your advisor!

Note that professors are on a nine month contract, and will probably not be available to advise you during the summer.

The links in the top right sidebar lead to pages designed to assist you:

  1. The Course List includes all major courses that you must take to graduate.
  2. The Course Flow shows you the prerequisite structure, which is based on how the material in one course provides a foundation for that in another.
  3. The Semester Plan link suggests scheduling options for the major courses over multiple semesters to stay within prerequisite requirements and graduate in a timely manner..
  4. The Degree Maps are developed by Central Academic Advising to assist students with degree planning.
  5. The remaining links are provided to address specific questions that students often ask.