CIS-1110/CIS-1120 Clarification

CIS 1120 evolution

In 2011 the decision was made to split the content of CIS-1120 into two courses. Because there is lag time between a course proposal and its subsequent approval and incorporation into the catalog, from Fall 2011 to Spring 2013 existing course numbers – CIS-1120 and CIS-2220 – were used. Now that the proposal has been implemented the correct course numbers are in use. Due to this evolutionary process we recommend that you save your syllabi from these courses to serve as documentation of the difference.

If students took CIS-1120 from Fall 2011 through Fall 2012 and then took CIS-2220 (JavaScript, etc.), CIS-2220 will count as an elective toward the CIS major. However, even though it will count as an elective, you will improve your marketability if you take additional electives and/or an internship rather than settling for the minimum number of courses required. Employers, especially locally, give preference to graduates with a range of technical abilities and a proven work ethic.

Students with significant experience using HMTL and CSS may be able to bypass CIS-1110, although new HTML5 features may be utilized in CIS-1120.


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