HISM Advising Procedure

All students admitted to the College of Business must have a program of study completed with their advisor. The purpose of the program of study is to provide you guidance in completing all the requirements for graduating in a timely fashion.

Further, this program of study must be completed before you can enroll in some upper division (typically 4000-level) courses, so do this well before you want to register for classes. Do NOT wait until registration opens before you contact your advisor!

Note that professors are on a nine month contract, and will probably not be available to advise you during the summer.

Here's the process for completing your program of study:

  1. Get a copy of your transcript through BengalWeb (here's how).
  2. Go to the undergraduate advising office (Susan Hooks' office) and pick up an advising sheet for the year appropriate to the catalog you are planning on graduating under. You can also download the health care informatics advising form. These sheets list all of the classes you are supposed to take to complete your major.
  3. Pick up a program of study form from the undergraduate advising office or download the health care informatics program of study form.
  4. Using your transcripts, check off on the advising sheet all of the courses you have completed. Indicate which courses you are taking this semester by entering the semester and year. For example, if you are taking a course in fall of 2015, enter "F15" in the space provided.
  5. Using the appropriate schedule, on the appropriate place on the sheet (bottom of the page) pencil in the courses you think you should take over the next couple of semesters.
  6. Using the catalog as a guide, fill out what you think the proper sequence of courses should be for following semesters.
  7. Contact your advisor to setup a time for an advising appointment.
  8. Show up at the appointed time with a copy of your transcripts, advising sheet, and program of study. You and your advisor will go over it together, sign it, and turn it in so you can register for classes. If you do not have all of the appropriate materials in order, your advisor may have to ask you to come back at a later time.

This College of Business link provides more information.

See catalog page here.


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Important note

The HISM Major has been deprecated in favor of the vastly improved Health Informatics degree. If you have not already declared HISM as your major, it is no longer an option.

It is recommended that HISM majors add (at least) INFO/CS 1181 and one or more of INFO 4422 (Health Information Assurance), INFO 4424 (Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign) or INFO 4426 (Health Data Analytics) to equip them with skills, knowledge, and experience similar to those of the newer HI grads and to make them more competitive in the job market.