Informatics and CS

Computer Science Advising Procedure

Students wishing to become computer science majors should contact the CS office to have an advisor assigned to them and to sketch out an initial study plan.

While taking CS2282, CS majors must complete a Program of Study form form and meet with their advisor for its approval. Additional meetings with an advisor are recommended. An approved Program of Study form is required to complete CS 2282.

For courses transferred from another university to count toward the major, the corresponding ISU CS course must be listed on the student's ISU transcript or there must be an approved petition form in the student's file. Transferring students entering ISU who have already completed CS2282 must call the CS office, have an advisor assigned to them, and complete a CS Program of Study form.

Throughout their schooling and before the beginning of their final year of study, students should ensure that all general education requirements have been completed. Students should then fill in a Computer Science Graduation Check List form, also available on the CS web site, and meet with their advisor for its approval.

An approved CS Graduation Checklist form is needed to take CS4488.