Informatics and CS

Advising Guidance

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You can choose from Business Informatics, Computer Science, an Informatics minor, a Computer Science minor, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Informatics, or the two deprecated degrees, CIS or HISM.

Curriculum Updates

In addition to new names for the majors and some exciting new professors, have been some significant curriculum changes.

The Business Informatics curriculum was completely revised a few years ago. The Informatics core has been completely revised not only to reflect changes in the field, but also to improve the marketability of our graduates by addressing specific concerns pointed out by local employers.

The curriculum has become more robust, and has an increased emphasis on secure programming, data analytics, requirements gathering, and newer development paradigms.

Curriculum changes are ongoing, as our majors are continuously revised to reflect changes in development approaches and technology. Graduate degrees and additional majors are on the horizon.